Stem Cell Reverse Aging Steps


Are the signs of aging that are catching up fast frightening you when you look at yourself in the mirror daily?

The human race has been fighting a losing battle against aging and the signs of aging. Numerous anti aging treatments, anti aging products and anti aging procedures have come and gone with limited success. Don’t worry, at Cell Malaysia we have for you one of the most effective anti aging treatments available. Cell Malaysia offers fully tested and scientifically proven stem cell therapy that will help your body fight the aging process in the most impressive way.

Signs of Aging

Our body exhibits many signs of aging both externally and internally, things that are visible to our eyes and things that are not visible externally.

External Signs of Aging

External signs of aging include wrinkles, brown spots, sagging muscles turkey neck, dark circles, greying of hair and hair loss.

Internal Signs of Aging

Internal signs of aging can be seen in the form of reduced cell growth, brittleness of bones, shrinking of the rib cage muscles, impaired lung functionality, poor eyesight, accumulation of fatty deposits in the blood vessels, poor cell regeneration capacity.

Reclaim Your Years of Youth Let Us Help You Fight The Aging Process

You do not have to succumb to signs of aging, defy the aging process with our proven anti aging stem cell therapy. Cell Malaysia is one of the world’s most popular facilities for stem cell therapy. We have highly experienced and fully qualified physicians that will help you gain control over your aging process. Our stem cell anti aging treatment is one of the safest and natural ways to reverse the aging process. Our stem cell therapy will help you regain that youthful looks despite your current age. You can once again start sporting unblemished skin without brown spots or wrinkles. Your mental capacity will be enhanced and you will once again enjoy the vigour of your youth.


Steps Involved In Our Stem Cell Therapy

At Cell Malaysia we keep the entire process of our stem cell anti aging treatment procedure simple and easy. Our Stem Cell Therapy involves the following steps:

Step 1: Make An Appointment

Just give us a call or mail us to get your appointment to meet our stem cell therapy expert.

Call: +61-481288087
Email: Contact Us

Step 2: Comprehensive Health Screening

Before you can proceed with your anti aging stem cell therapy, you will first need to undergo a complete health screening to ensure your suitability and to rule out any risks that may be present. At Cell Malaysia, we put your safety first and we will always act keeping your best health interests in mind.


Step 3: Physician’s Screening And Result Review

Our qualified physician will review the reports and once it is established that you are a suitable candidate for anti aging stem cell therapy, we will suggest a suitable date that is convenient to you for the stem cell therapy.

Step 4: Transplantation Of Live Stem Cell

The final step is the actual transplantation of the live stem cell in to your body.
You will be able to experience the effectiveness of the therapy within just few hours.
If you should have questions do feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist.


Comments (3)

My fathers heart cells are 85% shrinked or dead. Is any prossese to repair the heart by stem cell or any other sort.

Dear Anil,

Clinically it has been proved that injection of stem cells can improve heart strength and can repair damaged cells but it is not a cure for that.

A 80+ old brother is having jittery and unstable heart beat, is stem cell the next remedy?

Our Anti-aging therapy is not a treatment to cure disease and it is for preventing to get disease such as heart disease. This Treatment can help to repair damaged cells of heart and brain.

Please update me with any news or new news in future

I would like to know if you have branch in Sabah?

Hi, i hve skin problem with pigmentation.. my skin is dull & uneven wrh open pores.i hve tried eth newyork skin but not much improvement. Do u provide treatments for skin related problem? How much does it cost? How long it would last? I signed up treatment with new york skin for 12 session but no effect.

A brief abt myself – i am 44yrs old, female. I hve hypertention. Currently on medication using novas 12,5mg

how much it cost to do the steamcell program?

same here.. pls pm the cost of steam cell program.. approximately how much?

How much to do the stem cell program?

I am 53yrs may I know how many maps do I new and pls let me know is it costly tq

My 58 years old wife has diabetes 2 for 10-years, can Stemcell injection cure her ?

Thank you

I am very keen to try this to improve my quality of 62 n feel i need more energy. Can you give me a quote for the treatment please.

Hi I am now 60 year old. I am male. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Is there any rep or branch of your medical treatment i Jakarta ? I am interested in your method to prevent faster aging. Thank you.

My mum is 76 y/o, have parkinson stage 2 since 2 years ago. now she lost the ablility to take care of her self, very dependant to caregiver, wearing diapers 24 hours a day, and her “response” is very slow, sometimes she even not responding. my question is, could stem cell injection cure her parkinson, as i heard so, and if really could, what would be the result or to be expected from the treatment? i mean, would my mum “regain herself again as before she got parkinson”?

My mother got parkinson about 3 years still consume physicsian medication. What can i do to help her with this stem cell treatment?

How much is the estimate cost for a stem cell treatment and how long will it last. Also how many treatments will be sufficient. Thank you.

I am diabetic under control. Will your treatment be able to rejuvenate me would love to hear from you.
Thank you
T. James

Im 43 years old with miner join pain problems,beside that i would like to have more elastic skin texture overoll,so how could your treatment work for me?thanks

I want to know how much the cost of doing stem cell anti aging therapy. Only once for a life time or we have to do it many times?
Thank you.


My wife and I are considering stem cell reverse aging therapy. Ages 47 and 52 respectively.

Please advice therapy duration, procedure and cost. Also stem cell source.


S Nathan

I am a liver transplant patient. I take immuno supressant such as prgraf 1mg and myfortic 720mg also baraclude 0.5mg. I cannot without that immuno suppressant at all. Since I got rejection last year and take too much methyl prednisolone, end up i got diabetes and osteopenia. Diabetes cured but osteopenia stay. With this condition if it possible to have stemcell therapy? Thank you.

I am 54 yrs old from Philippines and I am interested on the stem cell therapy – anti aging treatment but I have multiple thyroid nodules (3.3 x 1.6cm solid mass and 1.8 x .8cm complex mass). Can I enjoy or avail this type of treatment/therapy for myself? Is there any complications for my health?
Likewise, can you give me some information on the following concerns:
1. How much would it cost me for this service?
2. Since I will go there as tourist, how many hours/days should this therapy be administered?
3. Should I be confined in your hospital or an out patient?

I look forward to receiving your reply soon. Thank you.