Know the different types of stem cells

Generally, the majority of people thinks, stem cell researches are limited to use the aborted fetuses to do research on paralyzed rats in a lab. These researches are just a part of researches about stem cell. In this article we want to define the different types of stem cells include Embryonic Stem Cells, Fetal Stem Cells, Umbilical Stem Cells, Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells, and Adult Stem Cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells

In this type, stem cells are given by embryos, just during eight weeks after fertilization. After that they become cells with particular jobs to do. Using this type of stem cells has High risk, because it is possible that cells divide and multiplying continues.

Fetal Stem Cells

This type of stem cells called fetal stem cell and this type comes from a fetus in the first ten weeks of gestation actually.  Fetal stem cells are the same as adult stem cells in that they are normally tissue-specific and also produce grownup cell kinds within the explicit structure or organ where they reside

 Umbilical Stem Cells

This type of stem cell called cord blood stem cell. This kind comes from umbilical cord at nascence. Specialists and also doctors now exploit this kind of cells to bring back the blood body after specific cancer remedy.

 Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells

One of the latest researches about stem cell called iPS. In this type of stem cell, scientists have found the way to reprogram cells that already have had a certain function to get them to act like an embryonic stem cell.Investigators induce the specific cells to express genes that are typically manufactured in embryonic stem cell and rein how the cell acts and by doing this they manufacture these cells.

 Adult Stem Cells

Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found among  specialized cells in a tissue or organ. This type of stem cell can refresh itself and can turn into a specialized full cell form according to the tissue or organ where it is situated. Adult stem cell retains and repairs organs as first its role. This type cannot become to all kinds of cells in body. However they have an ability to divide and multiply for change to new cells in the organs where this type is placed.

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