What To Expect After Our Stem Cell Therapy Program


Stem Cell therapy is a medical process where stem cells are used in order to prevent a life-threatening disease or health condition. While it is widely used to treat different forms of cancer, stem cell therapy can also be used to treat neurodegenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions. If you are interested in our stem cell therapy program here at Cell Malaysia, you will want to learn more about what to expect after treatment.

Patients Experience An Overall Health Boost After Receiving Our Stem Cell Treatment

Once patients have completed our stem cell therapy, they tend to have noticed an improved sense of well-being, as well as having more energy and stamina than they had in the past. Stem Cell therapy patients have stated to have improved libido, better memory, and less bone and joint pain. Their skin will be much firmer, and they will begin to grow coarser, darker hair.

Clinical studies have shown that stem cell therapy can help to improve your overall heart strength, making it ideal for patients with heart disease or disorders. Those who have received therapy are able to take part in more physical activities, which can help to improve their health overall. They also experience fewer episodes of shortness of breath. Diabetes patients who have stem cell therapy will often require less insulin and will notice that they have improved kidney function.

Other benefits that patients have received after taking part in our stem cell program include an improve remission or delayed progression n autoimmune or allergic diseases. This includes lupus, multiple sclerosis, and eczema. Stroke patients typically notice an accelerated recovery period which includes both spinal cord and brain injuries. And our MSCs therapy program also helps to increase bone mineral density which can help to slow down the progression of osteoporosis.

Experience Life With A Brand New Immune System

Once you have received stem cell treatment, you can except your new immune system to take over within two to four weeks. During this time, new stem cells begin to graft to the bone marrow and start the process of creating new white blood cells. Afterward, your body begins to make platelets and later red blood cells are formed.

If you received donor cells as part of your treatment, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-rejection drugs that will allow your body to accept the new transplanted cells much easier. You may need to have a transfusion of red blood cells in order to make the process go smoothly. It is important that you stay inside a germ-free environment for the first two to three weeks following treatment, especially if you had a donor cell transplant. This will help to ensure that your new immune system works as it should so that there will not be any further complications to deal with.

Be prepared to make regular visits to your doctor or the outpatient clinic over the next several months. At these visits, your blood or bone marrow levels will be tested to make sure that healthy blood cells are present and to make sure that there are no complications.

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Had a heart attack some 10 year ago.
It is very hard now to exercise and running to get cardiovascular will give great pain to my knees and hips.
I am 62 next year, do you recommend any treatment

My mum has been suffering from knee osteoarthritis for the past 10 years. She is 51 and have diabetic and blood pressure too. When we visited the specialist the only option that they gave was total knee replacement.Can I know what is the treatment option in regards to stem cell for her? What is the risk? And what we should expect after the operation? And approximately how much will it cost?